Did Picasso see fireworks near Moulin de la Galette in Paris?

Miriam writes:

“I first visited Picasso’s, much loved, Moulin de la Galette restaurant in Montmartre on a lovely July evening about six years ago. This was before I started work on my travel guide Let’s Trail Picasso. I was with business colleagues, Craig and Jean-Marc and Jean-Marc’s wife Catherine. We ate outside in the garden and had a lovely time in this very charming restaurant which serves delicious French food. When dinner was over and it was starting to get dark we made our way to the steps of the Sacre Coeur which overlooks all of Paris. It was the evening   before Bastille Day and the tradition is that every town within the greater Paris area holds a fireworks display that evening. What a sight! Because Montmartre is the highest point in Paris we were overlooking a huge area of the city. Every few minutes fireworks would go off somewhere below us; one display more spectacular than the next. The area was thronged with spectators who had come to Montmartre to see these displays and the resulting atmosphere was tremendous. Serendipity to be in Paris on that evening and to have the opportunity to visit Picasso’s hang out and to be so well entertained afterwards”


Le Moulin de la Galette, le restaurant historique de Montmartre à Paris http://www.lemoulindelagalette.fr/en/#.UpYI3A1bYvw.twitter

Moulin de la Galette

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