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Travel Guide: Van Gogh in The Netherlands, Paris & South of France

This travel guide will  take you on a journey through the life of Van Gogh. At the age of 27 there was no sign that Vincent van Gogh was about to become one of the world's favourite artists. He seemed to be a failure. He had failed as an art dealer; as a teacher and as a preacher. His future might have been bleak. Yet within the next ten short years of his life he painted some of the world’s best loved works of art including Sunflowers.

You can make this exciting journey following this Let’s Trail guide and it will takes you on trips to Van Gogh’s homeland in the Netherlands, to the buzzing art scene of Paris in the 1880s and from there to the sunny South of France before completing the journey in the charming village of Auvers sur Oise outside Paris. You will see the development in his art while enjoying the flavour and ambience of Amsterdam, The Hague and Provence, and along the way you can look at his works in museums and galleries  in these locations.

You can stand in the bedroom in which he died, walk through the fields he painted in his final weeks,  and find the locations of his most well known paintings. You will visit the places of his early years and  sit in the cafes of his later year.

Let us know of your experience about what you think influenced him.


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