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Travel Guide to Caravaggio in  Rome, Naples, Sicily and Malta

Caravaggio was the most famous painter of his time- a celebrity who could not keep out of trouble and whose travels through Italy and Malta make a gripping, exhilarating and ultimately uplifting trail for you to follow.

This travel guide through Italy will take you to his paintings in the locations for which they were created but it will also let you to experience the places in his life that influenced him.  The guide includes a short overview of his life.  Find for yourself the “Vicolo del Divine amore” or “Divine love lane” where he had an apartment. Seek out the tennis court in which he famously duelled and killed an opponent. Stand outside the bar where he was attacked for the last time. The trail will bring you to stand on the beach and feel underfoot the same sand on which he lay down for the last time and died.

This is an exciting journey of discovery and experience.

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