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    Things to do  and see  in Rome:

1.Probable location of Studio of Guiseppe Cesari

Piazza Della Toretta, Campo Marzio, Where he first worked as an apprentice in Rome

2. Palazzo Madama

Corso del Rinascimento, Residence of Cardinal del Monte patron and protector of Caravaggio in Rome. One of the windows on the top floors will have been his apartment.

3. “Osteria del Moro”- Arrested here for assaulting a waiter

     Via della Maddalena, Rome, We think it might now be the site of a book shop       here.

4. Vicolo del Divino Amore

      Vicolo del Divino Amore, 38(or possibly no 19),Roma - Divine love lane - He lived       here after moving from the Palazzo Madama and setting up on his own  

5. The tennis court  (Pallacorda court)

Piazza Campo Marzo, or Via della Scrofa, Rome, Location of where he killed Ranuccio Tomassino

6. Pantheon

      Piazza della Rotunda, Rome, Supposed burial place of Tomassino. But tomb, if       there, is unmarked. Can you find it?

7. Contarelli chapel , In church of San Luigi dei Francesi

Piazza San Luigi dei Francesi, some works here

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Things to do and see on the Caravaggio trail: