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Picasso in Malaga, Barcelona, and Paris to South of France

Pablo Picasso was probably the greatest artist of the 20th century, breaking with all traditions in Western art; he paved the way for modernism. This title in the travel guide series “Let’s Trail” will take you on a self-guided tour from the sunny Andalusia of his childhood to Barcelona, Paris and the homes of his final years in the South of France. The guide includes a short biography to help you understand the man as you view his work. We will look at his sensational and turbulent private life, his paradoxical nature and his contribution to art history. On our trail, we will soak in the flavours and atmosphere of his beloved Spain,  eat in the famous “Quatre Gat’s restaurant, visit the homes of his lovers, experience the ambience of Montmartre and Montparnasse and enjoy the sunshine of Antibes, Mougins and  Aix-en-Provence; all the time looking at his works in museums and galleries in these locations.


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