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Napoleon’s Hundred Days, France, travel guide

Our latest trail  “Let’s Trail Napoleon’s Hundred Days” by Pier Kuipers  could add an exciting flavour to your travels

 in France, Belgium or on the Italian Island of Elba.

Whether you use  it on a summer holiday or plan a trip for next year’s 200th  anniversary of the Hundred Days events you will find the adventure  rewarding and interesting.

Follow Napoleon on a journey that will take you to the emperor's prison home on the Mediterranean island of Elba, or to where he landed in the French Riviera, or over the Alps towards Grenoble, and to his triumphant return to Paris. From there the trail leads to the battlefield at Waterloo just south of Brussels where Napoleon met his destiny.


You can visit the places where he stayed, fought or loved. This journey will take you into the mindset of Napoleon and you will re-live both his exhilaration and his experience of defeat.

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