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Let's Trail Van Gogh
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Let's Trail Picasso Let's Trail Van Gogh

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Is this the house where Picasso was born?




Let's Trail Caravaggio

Each  Let’s Trail travel guide will show you things to do and see at each location relevant to the person’s life.  What to see might be the paintings in an art museum or  involve a walking tour of Rome. The sites might be the back streets of Naples  where your subject lived or lead you to the canals of Amsterdam.  You might visit the cobbled streets of central Europe or the beaches in the South of France. A short biography of each subject is included in the travel guide to enhance your experience of their life as you travel.

Whoever you trail these travel guides will bring  you on an authentic travel experience and to locations you might not otherwise visit. Our special interest guides will help you plan your trip so you travel with a purpose. You can organise your journey at your own pace either as a series of weekend trips or on one longer journey. The choice is yours.

Let's Trail Napoleon's Hundred Days

Let’s Trail Napoleon’s

Hundred Days

Let's Trail The Normans